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Juan Pardo - February 15, 2016

We had a foster child which we were planning on adopting when out of the blue the biological father appeared. My husband and I went to court on our own being told by the lawyers and guardians that were working on behalf of the child that it would all be ok. As time passed, it was clear that the case was not going in a good direction. We would go to court each time and just stand there and not speak because as foster parents we really weren't a party and therefore just stood there. We hired Lucy and from the very first meeting she gave us HOPE. Our case was a very emotional and hard case (as many are) but when she stepped into the court with us we felt like for the first time we had a voice in the courtroom. Lucy lit fires where she needed to in order to get stuff done and it was clear that other lawyers and the judge respected her. It wasn't only what she did in the courtroom but also out; she gave us some advice which i still think about and that by us following it, I believe helped our case in the long run. Our case took a small detour but Lucy kept working and FIGHTING for us and in the end the baby was placed back with us and we were able to adopt him legally! Lucy doesn't give up on her clients, she fights and fights and I truly don't think she knows that the word "NO" exists. There aren't enough words that we can say to express how truly and deeply thankful we are to her for what she did for us. We don't regret spending one penny in hiring Lucy, she is worth every cent and more!


Josie Lausidica - June 29, 2015

It is with great pleasure to write a review for Ms. Piñeiro. I have only wonderful things to say about her. She is kind, compassionate, and has a sincere passion for what she does and who she represents. She has been nothing short of amazing during the two and a half year process we had. I highly, highly recommend her and I always recommend her to my friends and/or family when they ask for a family attorney.


Debbie Kauffman - March 7, 2015

It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Ms. Piñeiro. Lucy is knowledgeable, compassionate, kind and full of fire. Without Lucy's help, guidance, perseverance and expertise, our adoption would not have happened. Lucy helped us to successfully terminate two parents’ rights, both of whom were not fit to be parents, and both of whom fought us to no end. Lucy is a true "terminatrix" who knows the legal system through and through. We will forever be thankful to her.

Anyone looking for an amazing attorney, look no further - Lucia Pineiro should be your one and only choice!


Steve Steiger - January 27, 2015

I would recommend Ms. Pineiro to all in need of a descent attorney whom is concerned about her clients legal needs I have had my share of attorneys, all whom most are concerned about one thing only, filling their pockets Thank to God I found Mrs. Piñeiro, she was truly concerned about representing my ad my interest, she showed me her human side, something most attorneys do not do. I recommend Mrs. Pineiro to all whom want to be properly represented by a trustworthy attorney.


Ms. Piniero has been an incredible asset for our family. She helped accurately expedite the adoption of our two children. She is an expert in all kinds of adoptions, however, our family is a same-sex family. My partner and I have been together for close to 19 years. Few times have we come across a professional that has been willing to go above and beyond her title, as Ms. Piñiero has done. We definitely recommend her as an attorney and honest guide through the process of adoption. We have also referred her to family and friends that have worked with her in other aspects of family law and they have been just as happy as we've been.